Intense colors to reimagine, revitalize and restore any sneaker. Can be applied in multiple ways. Top of the line quality made in Europe. 


  • State of the art sneaker paint to restore or customize your sneakers. You can choose from a variety of different hues and shades and two different sizes of bottles. 
  • These paints can be applied with paintbrush, sponge or even an airbrush. You can use these on leather, synthetic materials or even canvas.
  • Make sure when diluting these paints to only use the neutral color.
  • The colors are super intense and opaque with excellent coverage even after one layer, thanks to its high concentration of quality pigments.
  • Resistance to wet/dry friction and flexions, preventing the dye from cracking.
  • As a water-based formula, it is not considered a hazardous product for the consumer or the environment
  • Satin / Matt finish
  • 25 ml volume: the box contains a 25ml/0.9 fl oz bottle, a paint brush, an applicator sponge, a dossing cap and a leaflet.


HIGH COVERAGE POWER AND CONSISTENCY: Tarrago Sneakers Paint is an acrylic paint, with a water-based formula specially formulated to change the color, customize or restore your smooth leather, synthetic leather or canvas sneakers. Thanks to its high concentration of high-quality pigments, it has the best coverage power, less layers to achieve a better coverage. High viscosity, less time to prepare paint and mixtures. 0.8 fl oz or 4.4 fl oz bottle presentation. 

RESISTANCE TO FRICTION AND FLEXION: High resistance to friction on humid and dry conditions. Once completely dry the paint is completely waterproof. Resists more than 10.000 flexions, preventing the paint from cracking or peeling, once it was applied properly. Easy to clean with water and a sneaker cleaner. Easy to mix the colors between them to create new colors. More than 30 different colors. TIP: Mix the paint with an additive when using on other materials such as fabric or plastic

EASY TO PAINT: 1. Clean the sneakers to be painted. For leather surfaces use a deglazer or leather preparer, to prepare the surface to be painted. 2. Before painting, stir the content with a brush, until a homogeneous color is obtained. 3. To paint. 3.1. Use a sponge to cover larger surfaces. 3.2. Use a paint brush for small details or customization. 3.3. Use an airbrush, to paint all the surface. TIP: Use the neutral base, to dilute the paint to maintain its properties and as a protecting coat.

QUICK DRYING BETWEEN LAYERS: The applications must be very light. It is better to apply several thin layers than a single thick layer. After drying the first layer of paint (1-3 minutes), apply a second layer, repeating the operation to match the entire color. To accelerate the drying process between layers, use a hair dryer with caution (30 cm. minimum distance). 4. For optimum drying, let dry for 12 hours. Gives a satin finish. TIP: Use Gloss or Matt maker for a final shiny or matt touch.