Why the funky name? 

Zegzug (pronounced zag-zoog) means zigzag in Hungarian and also means little corner that’s tucked away.  Zigzag cuts, also called gimping, is a traditional ornamental element on the traditional leather shoe upper, the zigzag pattern also frequently appears in stitches and is widely used in garment making. Apart from the literal meaning, a zigzag is also a perfect metaphor for a craftsperson’s journey that is rarely straightforward. We know it firsthand as our own shoemaking journey has taken many turns across two continents and nearly two decades. We also know how the right tools and supplies can play a crucial part in advancing skills and vastly improve the end result. We scour the corners of the world to bring the best working tools to your workbench, the same exact ones we use in our own workshop. So you only need to focus on crafting your journey, one pair at a time. 

About us

ZEGZUG is a mom-and-pop shop run by Marcell and Yaya. They live in Lancaster, PA with their three boys. 


Born in Hungary, Marcell is a certified Master Shoemaker. He’s the 6th generation in a long line of leatherworkers. He’s a tool-a-holic with a passion for finding, preserving and innovating classic tool designs. He still has his great grandfather’s tools made at the turn of the century and hopes to pass them down to one of his sons one day.




Born in Asia, grew up in Europe and now living in the US, Yaya’s path to the world of shoemaking has been anything but straight. Though, admittedly, she doesn’t have the patience to make a pair of shoes, she’s been a vital part of the workshop since the beginning.