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What do you do when you wish to scale a pattern to a different size? Do you do it all over again, risking making unwanted changes to your carefully designed pattern? No need! In the first of its kind step-by-step tutorial, The Theory of Footwear Pattern Grading, master shoemaker and footwear educator Marcell Mrsan breaks down the process. Whether you're a small scale craftsperson working with pen and paper or a footwear pattern engineer using CAD, you'll be able to tackle this process with confidence. 

Praise for The Theory of Footwear Pattern Grading:

"This book breaks down the principle concepts and processes of pattern grading in a refreshingly digestible way. It is a must-have guide for beginners and experts alike." – Michelle Quick, pattern engineer, Adidas

"This topic is one of the most important in our industry, yet there has been no literature until this one. It is such a helpful tool, my only wish is that it was available sooner in my footwear career." – Alicia Wood, pattern engineer, LaCrosse Footwear

"Not mired in oblique terminology and seemingly alchemical processes, explanations and illustrations are concise, and lead the reader seamlessly step-by-step through the process of grading footwear patterns." – Russel Conte, faculty member Los Angeles Trade Technical College


Footwear pattern grading is one of the most complicated and complex part of the footwear making process. This book provides a broad overview, covering almost everything from the simple geometry grading is based on, the theory of increments and ratios, through to details such as group grading, secondary grading rules and much more. The examples given brake down the grading process, explain the technical background, and show the necessity for certain steps in their order. All of this is accomplished through several illustrations, examples and detailed explanations.

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