Scuff marks, stubborn stains, imperfections on white leather and synthetic surfaces will be things of the past with this revolutionary new product. 
  • Can be used on all leather, synthetic leather and canvas sneakers.
  • Special design of sponge tip allows easy application.
  • Thanks to its high concentration of high quality pigments, it has a high covering capacity in a single application.
  • Fast drying 5 minutes.
  • 75 ml/2.5 fl oz

How to use
1. Remove any dust particles from the surface.
2. Shake well the container face down.
3. Soak the sponge putting pressure gently on
the surface.
4. Let dry for 5 minutes.
5. After using, clean the applying sponge with
water to avoid the rests of white cream to dry
and damage the sponge.