The long awaited product - our very own design, shoemaker's hammer is here! 

There is no doubt, that the hammer is one of the most important tool in our workbench, this is a lifetime partner of a craftsman, a very personal tool and something to pass down to the next generation - so it must be well-made, well-balanced and ergonomically perfectly for the job: shaping leather, pegging, building soles and heels, flattening welts, attaching rands - the list of tasks is just endless. 

Safety First!

As any tool on your bench - eventually this tool might need some maintenance. We suggest this tool only on wood, leather, plastic, rubber and brass. Hard metal might damage the polished surface (no worries, easy repair!). Before every use you need to check safety - this is true for every tool, but especially for hammers. If the hammer head moves even a bit, do not use, but fix it - if you don't know how, we are glad to help! Please contact us!

Zegzug.com is the only place you can buy this tool. We spent years to design, prototype, test, the finally make this tool - and hopefully you will find the result justify our efforts.