Based on the revolutionary Nano Technology.

Nano protector will make your outdoor textile water, oil, grease, snow and dirt repellent. Creating a “Lotus flower effect”- an invisible, waterproof and dirt repellent layer, it will help you extend the longevity of your garments and accessories while not affecting thermoactivity and breathability. 

Drying time: 30 minutes

  • Recommended for High-Tech membranes due to the fact that it allows breathability. Can be also used for: Leather and synthetic leather, suede and nubuck, cotton, polyester and canvas.
  • Colorless spray
  • Available in two formats: 250ml/8,80 fl.oz and 400ml/14,08 fl.oz.
  • Not suitable for: metalized leather and patent leather.

How to use

1. Clean the surface the surface with cloth or brush
2. Shake container well
3. Spray abundantly and evenly over a dry and clean surface, approximately 15 inches away 
4. Let air dry 30 minutes.