The filling paste is a flexible, colored solution to repair holes, cuts and scratches on leather and synthetic materials. It creates a soft, flexible layer. It also can be used on rubber (e.g. soles). 

How to use 
  1. Remove dust.
  2. Apply with a roller or a spatula the necessary thin layers to cover completely any holes or the scratches to be repaired.
  3. Let it dry between layers for approximately one hour. It is important to not apply too much quantity of the product in each layer.
  4. Dilute the last layer with water to achieve a similar texture to the surface to be repaired. Apply it with a spatula or a cloth to avoid imperfections and to generate a smooth and homogeneous finish.
  5. Once the process is finished, let it air dry for 12 hours to achieve a perfect finish.
  6. Once the paste is completely dry, it can be painted with the Tarrago Color Dye, the Sneaker Paints or the Quick Color for a perfect and professional finish.


TIP 1: If you want to cover holes, we recommend using a support to keep the paste firm and achieve a better finish.

TIP 2: To speed up the process a hairdryer can be used, however this needs to be very gently, at low temperature and 20 cm from the surface. On the other hand, is recommended to let it dry naturally.

TIP 3: If the quantity of paste applied is excessive, this can be removed before painting in two different ways:

  1. Sand gently with a very thin sandpaper
  2. Carefully remove the remaining paste with ethyl alcohol.

TIP 4: Store between 5˚C (41˚F) and 35˚C (95 ˚F), protect from frost and cold.