Limited number of bundles made available for bulk ordering. They come in rolls of 8 hide. The total sum of each bundle in square meters and the price are as marked. 


Buttery soft, rich toffee color Italian lining leather for special projects - at an unbeatable price.

Half calf hide, area ranges from 1 sqm (10 sq feet) to around 1.7 sqm (18 sq feet), 1.4 mm thickness. Vegetable tanned, supple touch, doesn't squeak, skives and crimps beautifully. The photos don't do it justice - in reality it is much warmer color. Marcell for scale - 1 sqm piece. 

Special introductory price

Small: 1 sqm - 1.29 sqm -- $95/ hide

Medium: 1.3 sqm - 1.49 sqm -- $105/ hide

Large: 1.5 sqm - 1.69 sqm -- $115 / hide

Extra Large: 1.7 sqm - 1.9 sqm -- $125 / hide


*****Please note the leathers will be shipped separately from the other items and isn't eligible for free shipping. Currently, this item only ships within USA and Canada. Creasing of the edge of hides due to packaging and shipping might occur.