As a sneaker restorer, this is your secret weapon. With this cream you are 3 minutes away from impeccable clean sole edges and midsoles. Formulated with bamboo essence to eliminated dirt and paint, this paste will leave midsole profiles bright as new. It doesn't not leave any residue, it can be used on any colors and doesn't affect the original texture. Use it on rubber surfaces, for leather we recommend other cleaning products. 

How to use
1. Apply the cleaning cream with a paint brush, covering the area to be cleaned completely.
2. Let the formula work for a minute.
3. Brush the surface with TARRAGO SNEAKERS BRUSH, using water to eliminate dirt and paint remains.
4. If necessary, repeat the process.
Finishes are usually resistant enough and do not need special protection. However, delicate finished can suffer with the application of midsole cleaner. In order to avoid some possible color deterioration, we recommend protecting the most delicate parts before cleaning process.